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Welcome to Expanding Insights

Our mission is to help organizations exceed their objectives by leveraging innovation, information, and insights, all while upholding the highest standards of integrity.

We differentiate ourselves by prioritizing the human element in business intelligence adoption, offering robust advisory and support to drive engagement and maximize ROI. Our core values of integrity, innovation, and collaboration guide every interaction, as we deeply value people and their input.

In the dynamic landscape of business, data is the currency that propels growth and innovation. At Expanding Insights, we understand that small-medium sized businesses need tailored strategies to thrive in today's data-driven landscape.


That's why we specialize in delivering personalized analytics and intelligence solutions designed specifically for your unique objectives.

About Us

My name is Kingsley James

With over 7 years of enriching experience in consulting across diverse industries, I've had the privilege of gaining insights into various facets of business operations. This journey has equipped me with a robust technical and business-oriented foundation, enabling me to assist clients in achieving their business objectives effectively.

I've cultivated a network of high-performing professionals eager to contribute to your projects. We tailor the team according to your unique projects and together, we are committed to turning your data challenges into opportunities for growth.


Join us at Expanding Insights and let's unlock the true potential of your business through strategic data-driven solutions.

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Kingsley has always been a pleasure to work with. He is an engaging and talented presenter who has a gift for fast and insightful data analysis. He picks up concepts easily , and his professionalism has always impressed both myself and colleagues. I look forward to working with him again in the future, as he adds value in whichever capacity or space he is involved in.

Owen Nel

CFO @ KBAC Flooring

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