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Qlik Integration -,

Qlik Integration -,

Integrate to Qlik Cloud seemlessly:


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  • Don't see the integration you need? Let us know here, we'd love to sort that out for you!


We all know how complicated it is to get your data out of these third-party applications and into Qlik Cloud, in a format that is usable and ready for data analysis. So save your precious time, we've made it simple for you!


Simply input your settings, create a connection and click reload! The data will land in your Qlik Cloud environment, in the space/s you have defined!



1. How many Boards or Sheets can I load?

Unlimited! Our pricing is based on the number of reloads, not on the number of Boards or Sheets. Our technology will extract all the Boards and Sheets that you specify in the settings.


2. What is a reload?

If you have 10 boards and 5 sheets listed in your settings, 1 reload is considered when all 15 tables have successfully loaded!

And yes, you can load from both sources with this tool (and we only count it as 1 reload)!


3. What happens when I run out of reloads?

We send usage reports regularly to customers so that they can plan and manage their usage accordingly.

You can top up your account at any point in time to ensure an uninterrupted service.


4. How does it work?

There is a quick 5 min installation to set up the connection in Qlik Cloud. Thereafter, its as simple as clicking reload and the rest is taken care of for you!

The reason we are able to offer such competitive prices, is because we don't store your data, we simply transfer it to your Qlik Cloud tenant.


5. Is it secure?

Yes! Your settings will be stored on our secure Sharepoint site that only you and the Expanding Insights Support Team will have access to, and the folder can only be accessed with Multi-Factor Authentication.


6. How long does one reload take?

It depends on your data and the number of boards or sheets you want to load. Customers with smaller amounts of data report 1-3min wait times, while others with larger datasets report up to 10mins.


If you have any questions, please contact as we'd love to hear from you!


Happy reporting!

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