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Master Data Decision-making Without The Code
  • Master Data Decision-making Without The Code

    Here's the most common question I hear from CXOs and Directors, why should I do this training when I can pay a "data specialist" to interpret the data for me?


    Well, the truth is, a data specialist may not have the industry-specific knowledge you have and the magic happens when there's a bridge between your industry-specific knowledge and the data. (And PS, it's far more difficult to teach the techies what you know).


    It's the conversion from Data to Insights that produces value.


    So why should you listen to this "data specialist"?

    I have over 7 years of experience in this field, working closely with EXCO, CXOs and Directors to bring their vision and strategies to life using data, and this requires a bridge between technical and non-technical people.


    The skills and techniques I teach in this course will help you speak and understand the language of a technical person, as well as techniques to analyse data so that you can leverage data to make informed decisions.



    Data basics

    • Fields
    • Measures vs. Dimensions
    • Filters
    • Aggregations
    • Distributions


    Analytical Techniques

    • Signal vs. Noise
    • Correlation vs. Causation
    • Troubleshooting: Root-cause analysis


    Skills Application

    • How to make decisions with the information?
    • How to tell a story?



    Love it or leave it guarantee:

    If you've watched all the videos and you feel you didn't receive value from the course, let us know within 7 days and we will give your money back.

      $100.00 Regular Price
      $50.00Sale Price
      Expected Go-Live: May 2024
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